Evangelism With A Heart

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach people for Christ and to provide training, resources and opportunities to serve Him.

Through the Shalom Children's Home, we assure that children grow up in a safe and healthy Christian family environment where they receive medical care, academic education, life, and social skills training, a warm bed, nutritional food, clothing, and are surrounded by people who care about them.

“Forming noble people for El Salvador” is the final goal of the home. To send out into the world young people who love Jesus and who will be agents of positive change wherever they live and work.

Through the Amilat Christian School, we provide a quality Christian education that equips children and young people with the academic and basic technical skills (Computer and English) to obtain productive vocational and professional opportunities that will break the cycle of poverty in their family history and allow them to apply Christian principles in the marketplace.

Through the Joshua Christian Bookstores and National Distributorship, we provide resources that bring people closer in their walk with Christ and that equip pastors and ministry leaders with materials that help them fulfill the call of God on their lives, to serve Him in winning others for Him, discipleship, teaching, counseling, and leadership.

Through the Oasis Food Ministry, we provide nutritional meals and the gospel to children and their families while training young people in the virtue of compassion and to serve others in need while developing their ministry gifts.

Through the Living Stones Church, we disciple for spiritual growth, while providing children and young people with opportunities to develop ministry gifts through worship, music, drama, speaking, preaching, and Sunday school.

Through the Shalom Family Medical Clinic, we care for people’s physical needs in Jesus’ name while providing training and service opportunities for Christian medical and dental students and professionals.