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Amilat Christian School

AMILAT are the initials for the El Salvador non-profit corporation, Friends of Latinamerica, established by Harvesting in Spanish. This school was formed in 1994 in the Shalom Children s Home for their children, but neighbors wanted to send their kids, and it soon outgrew its allotted space.

In January 2004 the school moved to its own 3-story building on the Shalom Campus, in the town of Santiago Texacuangos, built by church teams coming from North America over a 2-year period.

The Amilat Christian School serves approximately 275 students. The Shalom Home students attend with many children from the surrounding community and all the children pay a nominal tuition. Some students, for example, kids living in the impoverished Oasis Community, attend on scholarships provided from the Harvesting in Spanish Scholarship Fund.

The school has pre-school through high school and includes all of the customary programs of study such as math, reading, science and social studies, as well as English, computer & the internet, physical education, art, music and Christian education.

English teachers are a continual need to help teach English classes or as an assistant. (Please see the Missionary Opportunities section of the website).

Our school is highly recognized and appreciated by the community and has been classified as “Category A” by the Salvadoran government which means that it meets all of the high standards for infrastructure as well as for the quality of education.

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