Evangelism With A Heart

Oasis Feeding Program

The Children’s Home and School are located in the town of Santiago Texacuangos, right on the border of the next town called Santo Tomas.  Together both towns add up to approximately 45,000 inhabitants,  of which many live in adobe and tin shacks with dirt floors, and no running water.

In 2005 the Oasis Feeding Program started, which is a ministry of the youth of the Shalom Children’s Home to this community. The cooks and youth at the Shalom Home prepare a hot lunch and take it over to Oasis 3 days a week. The Shalom youth serves the meal and a Bible program to anywhere from 50 to 100 children per visit.

The Shalom Home picks up the families on Sundays to bring them to our Sunday School in the morning, and to church in the evening. Occasionally the home will distribute groceries, shoes, or other needed items to the families

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