Evangelism With A Heart

Short Term Missionaries

There are many ministry opportunities available for singles, married couples, and groups ranging from short term (anywhere from a week to a year) to long term (longer than one year).

Contact info@harvesting.org or call us in El Salvador at 011-503-2-513-0700 for more information about any of the following opportunities:

  • Be the mom and pop for those kids who have graduated from our high school and who have left the orphanage to go on to university or work in the Capital, San Salvador. We want to establish a home for them there because they either don't have a home or their relatives live too far away in the country for them to commute to the University or a job.
  • We need missionaries to work with different age and sex groups of children in the orphanage. Our 70 or so kids are boys and girls from cradle to 19 years old.
  • We need English teachers, art, Bible, and physical ed teachers for our school.
  • Our non-denominational church has just doubled its sanctuary, so we can accommodate more congregants. Evangelism in our area would help accomplish that and also get more people into the Kingdom as well as the building. We need more adults to help with the church and Sunday school services, in teaching, preaching, music and worship.
  • There is a community of desperately poor people near our campus where there are a lot of undernourished children, and we feed them and give them the gospel. Our kids get everything they need, and we want them to learn how to serve others, and to help people who have less than they do, so our teenage girls cook hot meals, our boys serve the meals, and the kids also give a gospel message to the children in that community.
  • Focus on the Family asked us to reach school children in this country with their program of "Sex, the Lies and the Truth", and we need missionaries who can help us teach this message in the 5000 public schools. We have the blessing of the Minister of Education to do this, and we are having phenomenal results including thousands of pledges of celibacy until marriage and hundreds of commitments to Christ through the various teams we already have trained.
  • Our Christian literature distribution ministry is thriving, but we do need a Christian Bookstore sales manager.
  • There is an important program out of Miami that provides all a church needs to start a Bible School in its community. We represent that organization, and we need a missionary who can head this up here as well as teach various sessions when all the Bible School teachers come together for training.
  • We just purchased more land, where we will establish a community medical clinic, a home for AIDS victims, and handicapped kids. We need missionaries help for these projects.
  • Last but not least is our need for construction missionaries who can help maintain our facilities and build new ones and drivers for our bus and vans.