Evangelism With A Heart


Depending on the size of the team and the abilities of the team members, some teams are totally dedicated to one project, while some teams divide up and work on several projects or ministries at the same time. We ask that you would keep your team less than 22 people, please.

Schedule Dates for your Team
A $300 deposit is required to reserve dates, this fee applies to the team's room and board as well.
Teams are welcome to come year-round. Youth teams often come in the summer months, and some teams come during the Christmas season, Spring Break, etc. Just tell us the recommended dates of when your team can come, and we'll try to reserve them.

Schedule a date for your team today!

Write to us at: info@harvesting.org

Room and Board for Missionaries Staying at the Home
The cost of room and board in the Shalom Children's Home for teams is $25.00 per night per person.

Length of Stay
Team trips usually range from one to three weeks in length. The longer your team stays the more you will bond with the children and staff, and the more you will see of the country, only one day a week is for sight-seeing.

Team Size
The largest team we can accommodate is 22 people. If children younger than high school age would like to come, each should be screened for maturity to handle the different cultural and work conditions. There must be an adult over 21 to supervise every 5 team members younger than 18. Families who come as a team can bring children of whatever age when the parent(s) are present. Those professing and demonstrating a born-again relationship with Jesus Christ and who have a flexible and willing attitude to serve the Lord are welcome. Persons with special needs such as those with restricted diets or who are physically challenged can usually be accommodated with prior arrangement.

Travel Documents
Only a passport is needed to enter El Salvador. A visa for 90 days is stamped in your passport at the Immigration Counter in the airport before you claim your luggage and costs $10.00 in U.S. cash. If you have minors participating on the team, you will need to have a notarized parental authorization letter from both parents to present at the U.S. airport upon your departure for El Salvador.

Informational materials will be sent to the team to aid in the preparation of the trip. Upon the team’s arrival at the children’s home, there will be an orientation session to explain projects, policies, the schedule, to answer questions,tour the facilities, etc.

Typical Team Schedule
On school days, the day starts with an early breakfast in the team dining room, then after a 15-minute break, there is an orientation session in the team dining room if you haven't already had one. Following that and a tour, or right after breakfast, whichever applies, your team will meet Tony in front of Casa Milagro for work assignments. At 11:30 you will secure your tools and clean up for the hour for lunchtime. On assigned evenings the team will lead various groups of children in devotionals, and play with them on other evenings after the 6:30 dinnertime. Sundays include attending a local Spanish church and free time with the children. One day per week is designated for shopping and sight-seeing to your destination of choice, such as to see Mayan ruins, picturesque towns with tourist attractions, eat in a typical restaurant on a volcano, or to a day at the beach, as examples.

Daily team devotions or meetings. 
A half hour a day, before breakfast or after dinner, is set aside for a team get-together for prayer, or announcements, Bible lesson, or business meeting.